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Why not Support this Noble Cause?

At Jesuit Memorial College (JMC), ours is a song of gratitude which springs out of the conviction that the future of JMC is indeed bright because of the immense support we receive from the Province Curia, our benefactors, men, women, and cooperate organization since its establishment in 2013. So far, the First Phase of the ongoing construction work is already achieved on the 21 hectares property provided by the Greater Port Harcourt City Development Authority. We are about to kick off the projects development in the Second Phase which requires millions of naira.

JMC is currently accepting the candidate for the next academic year (class of 2023). The population of JMC community (JMC students, Loyola academy pupils, staff, and support staff) is put at 360 secondary school students, 67 primary school pupils, and 143 staff. As the JMC population grows so our infrastructure and human development need increase. The following are some of the projects in the Second Phase which we seek your generous donations.

Second Phase






Soccer and Athletic field


Jesuit Residence


Sisters’ Residence



Scholarship Fund


In the same vein, JMC management feel our mission as Jesuits remains inadequate if the cry of the poor and needy in our society is not given due consideration. Notably, a good portion of our society still live below the poverty line. As such, tuition in JMC, though relatively lower than what other top private schools in this region charge, is beyond reach to many children from low and poor income families. Hence, the NEED-BASED-SCHOLARSHIP scheme of 100 million naira becomes paramount in view of enabling the underprivileged children benefit from our Jesuit education.  To make your generous donation either in support of our ongoing infrastructure development or the NEED-BASED-SCHOLARSHIP scheme, please use the following account details:

For Projects:




For Scholarship scheme: