Jesuit Memorial College runs a six-year programme: three years of junior secondary education (JS 1-3) and three years of senior secondary education (SS 1-3). This is in line with the prescriptions of the Federal Ministry of Education. Our students begin JS 1 when they are 11 – 12 years old and graduate when they are 17 – 18.

JMC has five academic departments: Department of Arts, Department of Science, Department of Social Science, Department of Technology and Department of Vocational Studies. The heads of departments (HODs) report directly to the Vice Principal (Academics). Each department is subdivided into 3 – 5 units. The heads of units (HOUs) report directly to the HODs.

We have 68 qualified teachers. There are six library staff, three counsellors, three non-teaching ICT staff, two examination staff and a laboratory scientist. Teachers have a maximum of 20 teaching periods every week; the vast majority teach 18 periods or fewer. The duration of a teaching period is 40 minutes.

Each of the six years (JS 1 – SS 3) has four classes, lettered A – D. A class teacher is assigned to each class. Thus, there are four class teachers in JS 1, four in JS 2 and so on. Each class teacher has an assistant. Class teachers and their assistants meet with their classes every school day. They are the first line of support in the pastoral and personal care of each student. Parents are encouraged to maintain regular communication with their child’s class teacher.