OCHI Netochukwu Godwin (Class of 2026) participated in the 2023 National Mathematics Tournament and emerged winner in the Junior Category.



Integrity, a virtue often mentioned but rarely truly grasped, is the cornerstone of honesty and unwavering moral principles. It transcends the mere act of speaking the truth; instead, it embodies the steadfast commitment to moral values, an unyielding dedication to the truth throughout one’s life. In our modern society, where the importance of doing what is right, even when no one is watching, seems to be fading, integrity emerges as an invaluable virtue that defines who we are as individuals.

Integrity is not just about adhering to ethical codes; it is about consistently living by them, regardless of the circumstances. It is the steadfast resolve to uphold moral uprightness and make choices that align with one’s values. It moulds our characters, shapes us into better versions of ourselves and paves the way for a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. This is why our school’s Honour Code emphasizes the importance of respecting both our physical and spiritual integrity, underlining that integrity is a fundamental quality that every individual should possess.

Let us delve into how we can embody integrity here at JMC, in both simple and profound ways. For instance, picture a scenario where Mr. Jackson mistakenly serves your table thirteen pieces of chicken instead of ten. Integrity, in this situation, would entail returning those three extra pieces to the kitchen, even though no one may ever notice. It’s about doing what is right when it’s easier to do otherwise.

Similarly, imagine you receive a 65% grade on your Economics CA, but when you check in the ICT lab, you discover that your score has mysteriously jumped to 90%. Being a person of integrity means promptly approaching the teacher on Monday morning and telling him to reduce that score. It is about being honest even when you could benefit from dishonesty.

These examples only scratch the surface of how integrity can manifest itself within the JMC community. Suppose a fellow student is enduring constant bullying from popular classmates. In such a situation, being a person of integrity would involve standing up to those bullies, even if it means they might resent you afterwards. It is about defending what’s right, regardless of the personal consequences.

Living by integrity can do a great deal for us in general. There are many benefits. I mean, if everyone present in JMC knew the value of integrity and lived by it, there would be no need to install cameras in JMC or construct transparent doors. Life would be so seamless and unproblematic.

Integrity helps to build a good reputation for yourself. People would admire you and talk good about you all the time. If you are a person of integrity, people would want to be around you, and some of them might even trust you enough to work for them. This virtue of integrity can open a lot of doors for you, as people would see you as a respectable individual.

Before I end, I will tell you a short story – a true life story, which happened in our country, Nigeria. In 2007, a 69-year-old Nigerian taxi driver named Imeh Usuah, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja picked up two foreign passengers from the airport and dropped them off at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. Now, unfortunately for the passengers, they left a bag of 18-million-naira cash under their seat.

This taxi driver, being a man of integrity returned the 18-million-naira cash to the hotel once he found the money in the car. It was quite surprising as we all know that a typical Nigerian taxi driver would take the money away immediately and spend it. But this man chose to do the right thing. The Nigerian government chose to reward this man. Surprisingly, five years later, he was recognized and emerged as the winner of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Maiden Integrity Award. The government awarded a plaque and a sum of 2.5 million naira to the taxi driver and his wife as a way of thanking him for his work of integrity. It might have taken 5 long years, but this man’s integrity earned him a handsome cash reward.

Dear Staff and Students, as you can see, integrity is a virtue we should all imbibe and practice in our daily lives. Even if we don’t reap the benefits of being a person of integrity in this life, we will surely be rewarded by our Father in Heaven who sees all things. Proverbs 10:9 says, “A man of integrity walks safely, but those who follow the crooked path will slip and fall.”

I urge you all to continue to live lives of integrity and to always do the right thing even when nobody is watching.

Thank you all and have a wonderful week ahead.


Class of 2025

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