From R-L: Kingclovis Chikezie Jr. OKEREKE (Class of 2025), Kamsiyochukwu Sonia EZE, Karen Karis OMEYOMA-AKAKABOTA, and Chidiebube Emmanuel AKALAONU, (Class of 2026) addressed the School Assembly courageously in the Month of June on the following crucial topics: Modesty, Thankfulness, Orderliness, and Hope.

AMADI Chidera



Perseverance is derived from the Latin word ‘Perseverantia’ meaning ‘to abide by something strictly.’ Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition. Its true meaning is not giving up. It includes persistence, tenacity and the effort used to do something to the end, even if it is hard. In fact, our school community is no stranger to these difficulties and failures. Such could be manifested when you are studying, but it gets boring and frustrating, not being picked for prefectship even though you did your best ‘eye service’ or just being through a very stressful term and craving for an excuse to skip exams and get to taste home again.

That’s where perseverance comes into play. It is about refusing to give up no matter how tough things get. For now, whilst in school, you have to put up with the term and keep going till the end. You may experience some setbacks making you feel like it’s the end of the world. Remember that failure is just part of life. Failures are crucial for our learning and development. It isn’t easy to pick yourself up when faced with setbacks, that I know from experience. Nobody is comfortable with wasted effort. But, don’t forget ‘rising up from ashes’ is the basis upon which all of us are here. In that same light you are to rise up from the ashes of your failure and keep pushing forward, so next time you face troubles don’t let it weigh you down. Instead persevere through it and just move forward.

In addition to this, perseverance includes praising the efforts and not just looking for end results. Moreover, a lot of positive results can come from putting in that extra effort to push through those difficult times. It is also good to stay positive about success as you find a lot of negativity in failure. For Example, even though you got a 60% in your CE 4, instead of being so down and seeing yourself as a failure, reason like this; “at least it was better than my 30% in CE 3 or I am not on the Honour Roll yet, but I will get there soon. After all, it’s all still progress.”

I would like to end with a story. Many years ago, over a century ago, lived an American inventor. He owned a factory that refined iron ore and also a laboratory where he carried out experiments. He wanted to invent something to solve a common problem man faced at the time, so he started his new project in his lab. As months passed, he failed to invent the solution to the problem, multiple times. Within the next few years, ore deposits in America depleted and ores became scarce. He spent so much money into his project that he failed continuously, investors left, workers lost faith and some resigned. One fateful morning, a fire broke out in his factory. He managed to get out alive with his son, but looking at his burning factory he said, ‘Son, call your mother and all her friends, for they would never see a fire so beautiful’. After the incident, he thanked God for his survival, and for getting his factory with all his mistakes in it burnt, so he could start afresh. With all his faith in God, he started a new lab and worked hard and tirelessly on the project which he failed multiple times. It took him a lot longer, but he did it. Thomas Edison finally invented the light bulb.

Some say he failed 999 times but he never saw any of it as failure rather he said ‘I didn’t fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.’ From Edison, we can learn that no matter how tough things get or how challenging it gets we can always put our faith in God, keep working hard before we find ourselves successful. As you navigate through the rest of the term I want you to remember that ‘Success is no accident, it’s hard work, loving, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all persevering in what you are doing.’

Thank you for being a persevering reader, have a wonderful week ahead as you persevere through the rest of the term.


Chidera Jim-Clinton AMADI

Class of 2025

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