Houses & Hostels

All JMC students are full boarders and live by gender in two hostel buildings, the Boys’ Hostel and the Girls’ Hostel. Each of the hostels has 25 dormitories for students, a room for the hostel director/directress and eight rooms for other members of staff. Four of the latter members of staff are house parents, one for each of the school houses: Loyola House, Joseph House, Teresa House and Gonzaga House. The houses are, respectively, named after St Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus; St Joseph, the husband of Mary; St Teresa of Avila and St Aloysius Gonzaga.  Each dormitory has 13 single beds. We do not have any bunk bed. Every student has his/her own bed and a locker for personal effects.

Students are assigned to dormitories by class and house. Thus, JS 1 girls of Loyola House are together and alone in one dormitory in the Girls’ Hostel, so are JS 1 boys of Loyola House in the Boys’ Hostel. Every student belongs to a house. There are several bathrooms and toilets on each floor and section of the buildings. They are shared. So are the box rooms and laundry. All rooms for adults are self-contained.



Our clinic is open for 24 hours every day including Saturday and Sunday. The staff comprises a paediatrician, six nurses and a medical laboratory technologist. There are two wards, male and female, each of which has five beds. The Clinic Head communicates regularly with parents, mostly via email but also by phone, to update them on the health of their children. This is especially the case if the situation is such that the intervention of other health facility or professional outside the school premises is recommended or required. We collaborate closely with a paediatric hospital that is only about 10 minutes’ drive from the school. Other medical specialists we collaborate closely with include an ophthalmologist, an orthodontist and a dentist.



Students choose clubs from the list below. A student may change his/her club at any time provided that the club he/she intends to join is available. Club size is 10-30 students except Sprint Club, which can take up to 40 students. Students run the clubs themselves. However, every club has a patron and a patroness chosen by its members and approved by the school management.

  1.   Arts Club
  2.   Board Games Club
  3.   Dance Club
  4.   Debate Club
  5.   Drama Club
  6.   Home Makers Club
  7.   ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Club
  8.   JETS (Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists) Club
  9.   Music Club
  10.   Photography Club
  11.   Press Club
  12.   Red Cross Club
  13.   Rotaract Club
  14.   Spelling Club
  15.   Sports Club
  16.   Sprint Club
  17.   Young Farmers Club


Movies & Social

Students watch movies for about two hours on weekends, junior students on Friday and senior students on Saturday. They have Social for about two-and-half hours twice in a term. Typical activities during Social include singing and dancing to popular but decent music. Movies and music are carefully chosen by a designated ICT staff, who is assisted by the Social Prefect and his/her deputy.



Students have over five hours to participate in sports every week. This includes 45 minutes on Saturday morning, 2 hours and 30 minutes on Saturday evening, 1 hour and 15 minutes on Sunday evening and 45 minutes on Wednesday. We organise inter-house sports competition annually.


School Prefects

School prefects assist the administration in the day-to-day running of the school. They are inaugurated at the end of their time in SS 1 and hand over to their successors at the end of SS 2. Thus, they serve as prefects mainly while in SS 2. The Principal appoints school prefects. He, however, receives nominations from staff and students. Staff and students decide on their nominees by voting. There are 26 prefects; they are as follows:

1      Senior Prefect (SP)

2      Deputy Senior Prefect (DSP)

3      Bell Prefect

4      Deputy Bell Prefect

5      Spiritual Life Prefect

6      Deputy Spiritual Life Prefect

7      Health Prefect

8      Deputy Health Prefect

9      Food Prefect

10    Deputy Food Prefect

11    Library Prefect

12    Deputy Library Prefect

13    Academic Support Prefect

14    Deputy Academic Support Prefect

15    Sports Prefect

16    Deputy Sports Prefect

17    Social Prefect

18    Deputy Social Prefect

19    House Prefect: Loyola House

20    Deputy House Prefect: Loyola House

21    House Prefect: Joseph House

22    Deputy House Prefect: Joseph House

23    House Prefect: Teresa House

24    Deputy House Prefect: Teresa House

25    House Prefect: Gonzaga House

26    Deputy House Prefect: Gonzaga House


Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC has exactly 24 members. The members are from the 24 classrooms, JS 1A to SS 3D, in the school. They are elected by their classes, whom they then represent. Classes may elect a new representative at the end of an academic year in view of the next. Meetings are convened by the Speaker, who is elected by the members. The Vice Principal (Student Life) is the patron of the SRC. He is assisted by teachers of Government and Civic Education. The SRC deliberates and make resolutions on issues concerning the school and students. Its resolutions are considered as recommendations by the entire student body to the Principal.