Requirement for Admission Into Junior Secondary School

We admit students into JS 1 only. Prospective students are required to take our entrance examination, which holds every year on the second Saturday of February. They are tested in English Language and Mathematics. The examination is based on the curricula developed by the Nigerian Educational Research and development Council (NERDC) for Basic 4-6. Candidates should be in Primary 6 – that is, Grade 6 – and turn 11 years, at least, in age in the year of admission. Our examination centres are in several cities in Nigeria and abroad. We offer admission to all candidates who meet our admission criteria for the year. Religion, ethnicity, nationality, race and gender are not factors in our admission process. For more information on admission, please click here or email with a copy to

Requirement for Promotion to Senior Secondary School

To be eligible for promotion to senior secondary school, JS 3 students must obtain Credits (C) in one sitting of the Mock-BECE (organised by JMC) and NECO-BECE in at least six subjects, including English Studies and Mathematics. If the student is to offer the sciences, he/she must also obtain a Credit (C) in Basic Science and Technology (BST). The basis of the promotion (or denial of it) is achievement in the Mock-BECE; NECO-BECE serves us as a corroborative examination.

Requirements for Graduation

Students are eligible for graduation when they have satisfied the following requirements:

  1. All required academic work from JS 1 – SS 3. This includes sitting for WASSCE, NECO-SSCE and UTME.
  2. The two-week Citizenship and Leadership Training (CLT) programme
  3. The three-week Service Project in an assigned centre (orphanage, home of the elderly, etc.)
  4. The Kairos retreat
  5. The graduation retreat
  6. The student is found worthy in character and learning by the school management.

Students who fall short in any of the above-mentioned requirements neither participate in the graduation ceremony nor receive the JMC diploma. Participation in the graduation ceremony is a privilege reserved for students whose standing with the school merits public acknowledgement. The diploma indicates that the student has satisfied all requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees of Jesuit Memorial College.