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  • Parents are please to note that it is against the policies of Jesuit Memorial College for any of our teachers to be a private (or “lesson”) teacher to any of our students during the school year or holiday. Violations of this policy will lead to severe disciplinary measures against the teacher and parent (including all his/her children in the school). Parents of students who need extra support are encouraged to email the teachers of the subjects in which the support is needed with a copy to On no account should money or “gift” items be sent to any of our teachers.

  • We are surprised to hear that some parents have not been able to access their children’s results. While the ICT Director works on (re)sending log in credentials, parents are please to ask their children to download their results and email as attachment to them. Every student has access to his/her results.

  • Results are now available in the school portals. Parents of JS1 students are to email with a copy to for log in credentials. They should be sure to mention in the email the full names and classes of their children in JMC.

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