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[Whistle sounds loudly]

I groan as I tousle around in bed begging for five more minutes to whoever cares to listen in vain. I wake up; take a shower as quickly as I can avoiding small talk with anyone in order not to get distracted from my goals. I return to my room to continue the necessary before leaving my room by 5:42 a.m. when we were scheduled to be present by 5:45 a.m. Taking a quick mental note on taking less time to dress up; even though I know I won’t, I begin my race against time hoping to have one meager minute to spare when I get to the arena. This was the drill every morning of my Citizenship and Leadership Training. I cherished the times I’d see my bed and dreaded the accursed wakeup call each morning.

I had already heard about the Man ‘O’ War in yearbooks, rumored gist and people’s experiences. In my junior school, with my young mind and depleted thinking, I used to imagine it to be the best experience I would ever have.  I imagined climbing the ropes with ease and scaling through my training like it was nothing. Oh how my dreams were put to an end when I began to hear the gruesome parts of it. Waking up early to exercise and go for Mass with no interim break before breakfast. It all seemed so terrible to hear but I decided to keep an open mind and stay positive.

The first day was really an experience. Ok let’s start; I had to learn to get used to being in a group with people I didn’t really talk to and get to know their individual traits. I honestly didn’t like it but it was something I had to learn to live with for the next 13 days. The training showed me that I had to be ready to cooperate with people if I had any chance of being a good leader. It was new getting to eat with new people on a table and identify new people as members of what felt like a class. I think it was a very interesting experience for me. I learnt a lot that I believe will be beneficial for me as I grow.

The CLT experience taught me above all to never give up. Things were looking really bad for my section at one point and it seemed as though we were the worst. I got scared because I believed this would affect me personally and reduce my chances of getting a good grade. I was however so surprised at the closing ceremony when my section was adjudged the first runners up of the training and I was recognized for my individual effort. My CLT experience was really one of a kind and there are so many new things I know now that I can’t wait to apply in the near future. It was really my wake up call.

Finally, I would like to thank the Almighty God for keeping me and my fellow set mates through the course. I am also extremely grateful to my course officers for everything they did for us. The principal is also to be thanked for all his contributions toward our programme. May the Good Lord sanctify your efforts and increase your pockets tenfold. Amen.


Benita Adaku Isabel BEN-OFURU

Class of 2026.


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