The Phoenix

06-04-20 Revocube 0 comment

Hope comes with the sun ray
and like magic, everything that hurts fades away
I shed my old feathers

And view the world through new eyes
Now I see them differently

It wasn’t their fault they left unexpectedly
It wasn’t their fault they turned to ash
The innocent 60 who didn’t know their fall
And without realizing they saddened all

But I rose again
My fire glowing brighter than ever before
And my song sounding louder than yesteryears
And that’s all that matters

I’ve become a new me
With my unconditional love for them as my strength
It will be my shield
It will heal my every wound
And with that love beneath my wings
I’ll be able to fly once again
I’ll be able to smile once again


EZENWA Amarachi, Class of 2024

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