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I had the opportunity to intern at a directional drilling company for two weeks as part of my post Junior School internship programme. It was an eye-opening and rewarding experience that gave me a glimpse into the oil and gas industry and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

During my internship, I learned about the basics of directional drilling, which is a technique that allows the drill bit to deviate from a vertical path and follow a predetermined trajectory to reach a target location. This technique is used to access reservoirs that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional vertical drilling, such as under urban areas, offshore platforms, or environmentally sensitive zones.

I also got to observe and assist the engineers and technicians who operate the directional drilling equipment and software. They showed me how they use various tools and sensors to measure and control the direction, inclination, and azimuth of the drill bit, as well as monitor the real-time data and parameters of the drilling process. They also explained to me how they use mathematical models and algorithms to optimize the drilling performance and minimize the risks and costs.

One of the most exciting parts of my internship was visiting a drilling site and seeing the directional drilling equipment in action. I was amazed by the scale and complexity of the operation and the coordination and communication among the different teams involved. I also witnessed some of the challenges and problems that can arise during directional drilling, such as borehole instability, tool failures, or unexpected geological formations. I learned how the engineers and technicians troubleshoot and solve these issues using their expertise and experience.

Overall, my internship at a directional drilling company was a valuable and enjoyable learning experience that broadened my horizons and sparked my interest in engineering and technology. I gained a lot of practical skills and knowledge that will be useful for my future studies and career. I also developed a deeper appreciation and respect for the people who work in this industry and their contributions to society.

David Ifeanyichukwu Oluwajuwon AHIAKWO

Class of 2026

David Ifeanyichukwu Oluwajuwon AHIAKWO

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