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Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni and Friends of JMC,

I write with a deep sense of gratitude thanking God almighty for the blessing of an eventful and memorable October. Indeed, the month witnessed quite an array of academic and non-academic activities which kept staff and students extremely busy. Chief among these was the 10th anniversary celebration of the foundation of the college, which took place on the 21st day of the month. The momentous occasion was graced by families, friends, associates, and well wishers of the college from far and near and gave us great impetous for the journey ahead. On behalf of the management of the college, I wish to sincerely thank all who worked tirelessly to make the beginning of the year-long anniversary celebration joyful and wonderful.


In the weeks leading up to the anniversary celebration, our excellent Phoenixes in addition to preparing for the great occasion gave account of their first regime learning endeavours from the 9th through the 11th. The first Continous Assessment test was immediately followed by the annual University Fair which the college organises to help Parents and Phoenixes in their final and penultimate year of senior school make informaed decisions about post-high school education and its attendant transitions. Present at the University Fair were local and foreign sixth-form colleges and universities who made passionate presentations of their respective instistitutions and academic programmes with their plethora of attractive benefits and opportunities. There is no gainsaying that the University Fair was a huge success and I wish to applaud the Director of University Admissions of the college, Mr. Gad INJI for a job well done in this regard. What is more, I applaud his excellent organiasation and supervision of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) which took place in the college on the 7th day of the month. The October 7th SAT was the first to take place in the college since we became a centre and I am pleased to inform you that it was a great success, result and organisation wise. With respect to the former, the twenty six Phoenixes of the Class of 2024 who took the test obtained very impressive scores with two of them scoring 1500 and 1530 respectively. See chart for the analysis of their performance. With respect to the later, the test took place without any glitches whatsoever.


Regretably, two of the twenty six Phoenixes who took the test, did so outside of the college because they were late in registering to take the test in the college. As it were, the college is not a closed centre which implies that it is open to candidates other than our Phoenixes, though within the capacity approved by College Board, the Board in charge of the test. Upon our request to make the college a closed centre, we were made to understand that such do not exist to forestall any form of malpractice. However, they gave us the concession of giving priority to our Phoenixes by not making our centre open to the public until the tenth day of the month preceeding the month in which the test is scheduled. By way of illustration, if the test is scheduled to take place on December 3, 2023, College Board will keep the centre closed to the public until November 10, 2023, thus giving our students priority of registration. That said, I wish to state that parents who plan on registering their children for SAT should endeavour to do so within the given window. In view of this development, I also wish to state that henceforth exeat for SAT will no longer be granted. So, if a parent is unsuccessful registering their child to take the test in the college; they would have no option but to wait for the next round of registration.


Unlike SAT, the college remains a closed centre for PSAT taken by Phoenixes in their penultimate year of senior school. This academic year, the said Phoenixes took the test on the 25th day of the month, as scheduled without any glitches. They now patiently await their result even as they intesify their preparations for the second Continuous Assessment of the term scheduled to take place from 6-8 November, 2023. As always, I commend all our Phoenixes to your fervent prayers for good health and greater level of preparedness as they strive to give account of their second regime learning endeavours.


As part of their formation in global citizenship, thirty one senior school Phoenixes participated in the 2023 Nigerian Model United Nations Society (NISSMUN) Conference which took place in Abuja from the 29th day of the month to the 1st of November. They were accompanied by two members of staff to the 3-day Conference and it is our hope that they will be great ambassodors of the college at the conference. In the same vein, one of our Phoenixes is currently getting ready for the 2023 World Robot Olympiad competition scheduled to take place in Panama from 6-9 November, 2023. He is one of the Nigerian delegates to the competition and I wish him and the rest of his teamates safety in their upcoming travels and greater success at the competition. Still on competions, the online registration for The American Mathematics Contest 10 and 12 (AMC 10/12) for JS 3, SS 1, SS 2, and SS 3 students is ongoing. The regristation fee is ₦6,000 (Six thousand naira only) and the deadline for regristration is Monday, November 13, 2023. For more information on the AMC competition, please call 0803 569 4849, 0903 335 89 13, 0803 386 5951 or visit 2023-2024 AMC 8/10/12 registration Form ( Lastly on competitions, registration is ongoing the 4th International STEM Olympiad. The STEM Olympiad is a competion that enables students to showcase their knowledge, skills, and creativity in various STEM categories, Mathematics, Coding, Science, Technology, and Engineering. The qualifying exams for coding is scheduled to commence on Sunday, November 26, 2023 for a fee of Twenty-five euros (25€) while the qualifying exams for the other three categories (Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Engineering) will commence on Sunday, December 3, 2023 for a fee of twenty euros (20€) each. For more information about the 4th International STEM Olympiad, please visit


Looking ahead, it bears mentioning that the annual Inter-House sports of the college is fast approaching. The event scheduled for Saturday, November 18, 2023, would afford us another opportunity to further deepen the 10th anniversary celebration of the foundation of the college. I hereby solicit your support for the celebration which will be followed by the second visiting day of the term.


Lastly, I would like to remind us that admission forms into the college for the 2024/2025 academic session are currently on sale and will be until Wednesday, January 31, 2024. As earlier communicated, the college will be conducting a joint Entrance Examination with other Jesuit and Jesuit Partner schools in Nigeria for the 2024/2025 academic session. For more information about the said Entrance Examination, kindly visit


To conclude, I wish to recognise and present to you the two highest scorers of the 7th October, 2023 SAT in the college, Zilayefa Oghenekeno OKOROZE-TRUST, and Amarachi Victoria EZENWA. Zilayefa and Amarachi (Class of 2024) obtained 1530 and 1500 respectively (99th percentile SAT scores). They are our Phoenixes of the Month and deservedly so. Their excellent performace is a testament to the indepth studies and academic rigors that characterise the Jesuit brand of education and formation to which you continue to lend greater support and for which I am deeply grateful. Thank you and Godspeed in the weeks and month ahead.

Fr. Alexander E. Irechukwu, S.J.

Student’s Performance in recently ended SAT

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