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Dear students, Staff, Parents, Alumni and Friends of JMC,

Choicest greetings from the Heights!

We kick started the month of May on a joyful note with the celebration of the diligent and indefatigible members of staff who labour passionately and committedly to advance the mission of the college. Admittedly, the first day of the month designated as Workers’ Day afforded us the opportunity to recognise and appreciate the men and women of our college community whose tremendous works of accompanying, caring, nursing, instructing, mentoring, inspiring, guiding and teaching the children in our charge with great generosity and kindness are invaluble. Grateful for their dedication and devotion, I pray for God’s continued blessings on all who work at JMC and entreat His gracious assistance in all their good endeavours. The day’s celebration, which began prayerfully with the celebration of Holy Mass, beautifully animated by members of staff, witnessed an array of activities and culminated with a sumptous meal.

Following the Workers’ Day celebration and the attendant hiatus for the Phoenixes, learning resumed at the Heights and continued smoothly well into the month with the Phoenixes of the non-examination classes applying themselves diligently to their studies while preparing for the annual Club Exhibitions slated to take place later in the month. For their part, Phoenixes of the Class of 2024 were immersed in their certificate examination with the reslove to surpass their stellar performace in the Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examinaiton (UTME). We continue to pray for their success and the success of their counterpart in junior school; Phoenixes of the Class of 2027, who commenced their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), on the 13th day of the month and subsequently completed it on the 24th. I congratulate our next set of senior school Phoenixes on their completion of junior school while wishing them an idyllic and a refreshing vacation in the months ahead.

In keeping with the academic calender of the term, the First Continuous Assessment (CA) Test took place from the 13th through the 15th, and registered a number of positive outcomes including an increase in the number of Phoenixes on Honour Roll, especially those of the Class of 2029, who in previous regimes have been on Honour Roll only in single digits. I congratulate the Phoenixes on Honour Roll, especially the first-timers, for  their discipline and commitment to the rigours of studies. May they be resolved in their pursuit of academic excellence so as to remain at the echelon of academic performance. As for the Phoenixes whose First Regime performance suggests a lack in focus and commitment to the rigours of learning at the Heights, I urge total dedication to the pursuit of intellectual competency attained by means of rapt attentiveness during class instruction, studiousness, and absolute commitment to self-improvement.

Meanwhile, to enable parents/guardians keep in touch with the self-improvement of their children/wards as well their academic performance, the Academic Conference (Open Day) of the term took place on the 25th, and was well attended much to the excitement of the Phoenixes who were eager to share with their parents/guardians their experiences of growth, character building, and maturation. The conference was followed by the annual Club Exhibitions; the school event that allows students to display their creative talents and abilities, which more often than not remain undiscovered and undeveloped due to the regulated and standardized structure of schooling. I applaud all parents/guardians who were present at both events and also visited with their children/wards the day after; thus, making it a well-spent weekend at the Heights for the sake of our excellent Phoenixes. I trust you returned to your various destinations in safety and peace, and I pray God to continually reward the countless sacrifices you make to ensure the holistic development of God’s precious gift to you and to all of humankind.

Coming on the heels of the Academic Conference and Visitation weekend was the Children’s Day celebration, which our excellent Phoenixes marked in glamour and style. Having witnessed part of their celebration on the day, I am filled with awe at their giftedness to your respective families as well as to our college community. In gratitude for the gift that our Phoenixes are to you, JMC, and humanity at large, I pray the good Lord to bless their upbringing and make it fruitful that each one of them may grow to actualize their innate potential in life. I also pray the good Lord to bless our individual and collective labours of love as we work each day to nurture, shape and equip them for the onward journey of life.

To conclude, I would like to acknowledge the Phoenixes who in idyllic fashion brought the college to limelight by their outstanding performance in the 2024 Rotary Mathematics Competition which took place on the 7th. On behalf of the college community, I congratulate them for their excellent performamce; an additional accolode to the school, and I pray God to bless their present and future endeavours for the greater glory of God’s Holy name.

As the curtains fall on the fifth month of the year, we look forward to an eventful and joyful sixth month, June; as we anticipate the climax event of the academic year: the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2024, to which you are all invited, and which I now commend to your fervent prayers for greater success and for the satisfaction of us all.


Yours in the service of Hope Reborn,

Fr. Alexander E. IRECHUKWU, S.J.

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