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Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni and Friends of JMC,

Easter greetings from the Heights and peace of the Risen Lord be with you!

I am deeply pleased to bring you up to speed on the events of the final month of the term and to highlight some of the aspirations of the college for the third and final term of the academic year. Being the final month of a relatively short term, March witnessed several academic and non-academic events which were largely successful invariably contributing to the success story of the term. On the academic front, the Phoenixes, with the exception of the SS3 students began the month by giving due account of the instructions they received during the second regime of the term. As always, there was great tranquillity at the Heights for the duration of the second Continuous Assessment Test of the term. The quietness was intensified by the studiousness of the SS3 students who, at the time, were busy with their second Mock examination in preparation for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), due to commence on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. The completion of their second Mock exam brought to a close the internal academic assessments of our Class of 2024. Phoenixes, and I wish to congratulate them for such a remarkable accomplishment. In the same spirit, I congratulate their junior school counterpart, our Class of 2027 Phoenixes, who equally completed their internal academic assessments for junior school upon the completion of their second Basic Education Certificate Mock Examination. Lastly, I extend my warm congratulations to the rest of the Phoenixes who diligently immersed themselves in the third regime of the term despite its brevity. Their resolve to excel in both character and learning is worthy of every commendation. Unlike the first weekend of the month that enjoyed great quietude, the second witnessed a beehive of activity. This includes the first Academic Conference (Open Day), and Parent Teacher Association meeting of the year, which took place on the 9th, and the second Visiting Day of the term, which took place the next day. From the stand point of the college, the triple events were successful as they afforded parents/guardians the opportunity to interact with the staff of the college and so make significant contribution towards the holistic growth of their children/wards. I applaud the wholehearted dedication and unflinching commitment of our parents/guardians towards the realisation of the vision of the college which consists in the invariable attainment of excellence in character and learning by our Phoenixes, individually and collectively. Suffice to say that your visitation on the 10th day of the month, was rewarding for the Phoenixes, as it provided them with much needed boast for their End of Term Examinations. Notably, the End of Term Examinations took place as scheduled under serene circumstance and temperate weather conditions.

Meanwhile, much to the delight of the Phoenixes, the events of the final week of the term were a blend of recreation and entertainment as it witnessed, among others, inter-class football and basketball matches as well as the third edition of the Ignatian Concert. I doff my hat to every Phoenix who worked tirelessly to make this year’s Ignatian Concert memorable for all members of the college community, especially those for whom it was the last, the Class of 2024 Phoenixes. What is more, I salute the diligence and commitment of all staff and students who were instrumental in making every facet of our individual and collective lives fruitful beyond measure. I am deeply grateful for your sense of duty and generosity of spirit. Gracias! In anticipation of the 2024/2025 Academic Year, members of the admission committee spent the first half of the month interviewing candidates shortlisted for admission into the college following the inaugural Jesuit Schools Entrance Examination. The painstaking exercise affords us the opportunity to ascertain the readiness of the candidates for a boarding school like ours, especially in terms of maturity as well as the willingness of their parents/guardians to cooperate fully with us for their holistic education and formation. I applaud the candidates and their parents who participated in the interviews, and congratulate all who were successful in their enrolment thereafter.

Concerning the next academic year, the college will be leveraging technology in the instruction of our Phoenixes to enhance their learning thus adequately preparing them for life and work in the 21st century. Consequently, every Phoenix, both incoming and returning, is required to begin the 2024/2025 academic year with a laptop for their studies at the Heights. That said, we ask you, dear parents/guardians, to work towards providing your children/wards with a laptop of the following specifications:

Please note that the decision to prescribe a specific model of laptop to our Phoenixes for use at the Heights is to ensure easy monitoring, installation of Softwares/Applications and maintenance of the device. That said, I must quickly advice that you exercise caution when purchasing the device to avoid ending up with a fake product, which will amount to a waste of resource and worse still undermine our strategic plan for a tech-driven process of acquiring and imparting knowledge. On a different note, I wish to inform you that in light of the exponential increase in the price of stationery, it has become necessary for us to review the fees for processing all school documents at the Heights. For more information about the revision of processing and service fees which become effective April 1, 2024, please visit the Nota Bene page of the newsletter. As I write this piece, our Class of 2026 Phoenixes are deeply immersed in their Citizenship and Leadership Training programme which commenced on the 23rd day of the month. I commend their dedication much as I applaud the unwavering support of their parents/guardians in ensuring that they participate effectively in the programme designed to further equip them with leadership skills and deepen their citizenship awareness, all for their good and for the betterment of our nation. In the same vein, I commend the officials of the Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, Port Harcourt, for partnering with the college to execute one of her very important programmes.


To conclude, it gives me great pleasure to duly recognise the two Class of 2024 and three Class of 2027 Phoenixes who distinguished themselves in the National Mathematics Tournament early in the month having emerged among the overall best competitors in the senior and junior catergories of the tournanent. For making us and themselves exceedingly proud, they are our Phoenixes of the Month, and well deserving of the Honour. I wish one and all a restful and pleasant holiday. May God bless you this Easter season, and grant you renewed strength for the final term of the academic year. And may He bless the fasting, introspection and prayer of our Muslim brothers and sisters during the holy month of Ramadan for their good and the betterment of all of humanity.


Sincerely yours in the service of Hope Reborn,

Fr. Alexander E. Irechukwu, S.J.

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