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It is truly astonishing that a 5-day experience leaves you impacted for years to come. That exactly is my feeling with regards NISSMUN 2022.
For one, the experience taught me how to relate with people effectively. The conference attended majorly by secondary schools across the country, brought together in a room, diverse people to work with. This left me no other option but to cooperate with and interact with fellow students, notwithstanding their cultural, family or religious background, making me open minded, tolerant and open to growth. Life skills I’d never forget.
Furthermore, the conference cultivated in me leadership skills. While at the conference, students (delegates as we were often referred as) represented not their schools but their selected countries and committees, sharing the problems, proffering solutions and discussing life changing matters that affect your selected country and designated committee. Inevitably, the ability to represent and stand for a group of people to the best of my ability and in purity of heart became easily imbibed within me. In essence it made me able to completely reflect the wishes of people to a greater audience without bias on their wishes or views coming from my own opinions or feelings towards the subject matter.
More officially, NISSMUN augmented my formality in business and official relations. Most at times during formal gatherings, the delegates, (students), spoke in specified diction and choice of words required of us, even more so, only acted strictly in adherence to laid down protocol. This highly increased my discipline and personal decorum during official meetings and business matter.
Confidence. NISSMUN 2022 taught me to be confident. Speaking to a crowd of your age mates and a sprinkle of adults in the crowd would sound more so easy in your head. As they say, easier said than done. However, speaking in public was something I never shied away from, and definitely not at NISSMUN too. The conference, instead, took me to a whole new platform and standard of public speaking and self confidence that I am still pleased to have attained.
Without a doubt, I firmly say the NISSMUN conference is worth the years wait. I would re live the experience if I could, just to learn more of what there is to be learnt, and do all that is yet to be done.

Chukwubuikem U. NWOSU
Class of 2024

Chukwubuikem U. NWOSU
Chukwubuikem U. NWOSU

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