Mock Examinations 1

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Mock examinations 1 (Mock-BECE 1 and Mock-WASSCE 1) for JS 3 and SS 3 students began on Saturday 23 November 2019 and ended on Monday 9 December 2019. The latter started with Chemistry 3 (Practical) at 8:30 am on Saturday, November 23 and the former with Basic Science and Technology 4 (Drawing) at 10:00 am on Monday, November 25. The JS 3 students concluded their last paper, Christian Religious Studies 2 (Objective), at 4:30 pm on Monday, December 9. An hour later, the SS 3 students concluded theirs, Civic Education 1 (Objective). Both sets were tested in a maximum of two subjects a day.

As expected, there were tough subjects. For the JS 3s, it was the English Language. The paper was initially slated for Tuesday 26 November but was later rescheduled for Thursday, November 28. This was because the Principal canceled the initial question paper for not meeting the requirements of standard timing. The new question paper turned out to be more difficult for the candidates. The SS 3 students mentioned Economics as their most difficult compulsory subject.

The students were noticeably anxious during the examination period. For the JS 3s, it might be because that was their first mock examination in JMC and that promotion to senior school will depend on their performance. The SS 3s wanted nothing short of excellence because the results of the mock examination will reflect in their transcripts and affect admission into their chosen universities.

The daily schedule of the candidates changed during the period. They did not attend school assemblies. Instead of the usual 9:30 am, SS 3 students had breakfast at 7:15 am and JS 3 students at 9:00 am. They had a common lunch at 12:30 pm, after which they had a siesta until 2:00 pm. The schedule was spacious, and this helped in quelling the students’ anxieties.

The general atmosphere of the school also changed in a way. The feeling during meals we had without the examination candidates was as if the student population had reduced. The school seemed to be empty and quiet.

We wish all the JS 3 and SS 3 students success.

Anonyai Onyedikachukwu Amanda
Class of 2021


  • Nwagu Uchechwu Stanley

    Greetings to this great school .Send my regards to the Head Egwuchim , Nneoma okeke ,Vincent Okeke and Onyindamola Aje .
    From Nwagu Stanley . iSPAK.

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