Learning Together: A Reflection on My Time as the Female Sports Prefect

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Serving as the Female Sports Prefect at Jesuit Memorial College in 2022/2023 academic year was more than just a role; it was a shared journey of growth and collaboration with twenty-seven fellow prefects. The weight of responsibilities that came with being a prefect, balancing academics and duties, was lightened by the collective effort of our team.

As the Sports Prefect, facilitating sports activities became a source of joy and accomplishment. Guiding students through football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, and other sports not only provided a temporary escape from academic worries but also allowed me to share the thrill of sports with others. Of course, the path was not always smooth. Challenges arose – reluctant participants, missing equipment, and weather woes during games tested our resolve.

However, it was in facing these challenges alongside my fellow prefects that the true essence of teamwork unfolded. Each member brought a unique strength to the table, and together, we seamlessly organized sports events and addressed various school matters. This collaborative approach taught me that effective leadership is a shared endeavor, where cooperation is paramount. The boundaries of individual roles blurred, and our joint effort ensured the smooth functioning of our responsibilities.

Working alongside diverse personalities exposed me to different perspectives and ideas. Regular meetings transformed into platforms for learning effective communication and problem-solving strategies. It was a reciprocal process, with each member contributing their strengths to our collective knowledge pool. Beyond our duties, enduring friendships sprouted from late-night planning sessions and mutual support during challenging times. These connections transcended our roles, turning challenges into shared experiences and victories into collective triumphs.

One of the most gratifying aspects of our collaboration was celebrating shared successes. Whether it was flawlessly executing a sports event, organizing treasure hunts, maintaining order in the dining area, implementing school initiatives, or navigating obstacles, the sense of accomplishment was heightened because it was a team effort. The memories of these shared victories with my fellow prefects will forever hold a special place in my heart.

In conclusion, my term as the Female Sports Prefect was enriched by the cooperation of the twenty-seven wonderful prefects. This collective experience not only imparted valuable lessons in leadership but also cultivated enduring friendships and shared moments of success. As I reflect on this segment of my school journey, I carry forward not just refined leadership skills but also the cherished warmth of camaraderie that made my prefect role truly enjoyable.

Amarachi Victoria EZENWA
Class of 2024
(Sports prefect, Female 2022/2023 Academic Year)

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