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Every child will grow up to become an adult one day and every adult requires basic needs to enable them have comfort. These basic needs are acquired when the person is able to have financial, emotional and mental stability. However, in some cases, when an adult is struggling financially, it can only mean one thing: unemployment. Unemployment, in some cases, is as a result of wrong choice of career. Most children suffer the pressure of pleasing their parents and others around them and usually forget about taking care of themselves; they underestimate their capability and ability to make the right choices on their own. One of the most important choices every human being can and should be allowed to make is choosing their future career. It is very important for a child to make this decision themselves.

Firstly, when a child chooses their career, it encourages self-reliance. A child who is given the chance to make a decision that will determine the outcome of their future will grow to become more confident and reliant in themselves. This is because they will feel better about themselves and see themselves as important part of the family and society at large.

Additionally, allowing a child to choose their career promotes financial stability in the child. When a child is allowed to choose a career they are passionate about, they will be encouraged to put their all into achieving a good result in their chosen profession. However, if a child is forced into accepting a career by their parents, they may not put in their best and, in worst cases, they may end up on the streets.

It is believed that if parents choose the careers of their children, the children will have better future and their lives will be more stable. However, it is the opposite in some cases. For some families, the first child is usually made to accept careers chosen by the parents. These parents tend to do everything within their power to ensure a stable future for their child. They can go as far as pressuring the child into taking a career that the child may not want to take. This may create problems in the family if the child refuses to accept the parents’ decision.

More importantly, if a child is denied the opportunity of choosing their career, it can lead to regrets later. A child may choose not to disobey their parents by giving in to the parents’ demand. The child may end up pursuing that career but may not find joy and fulfilment in it. This could lead to waste of time and resources for the child and the parents.

In conclusion, parents should consider the outcome of their actions when it comes to decisions that concern the future of their children. Children should be guided to choose careers that they have passion for as this will push them to put their best foot forward. In other words, parents should guide their children to choose their (the children) desired careers since the parents will not be there to carry out the responsibilities of the career. Financial instability, regrets, unemployment, insecurity and dependence on other individuals are some of the consequences of not giving children the chance to decide their careers. 

Atinuke Chimamanda AJAYI

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Atinuke Chimamanda AJAYI

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