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Parents are to ensure that their wards bring only the following

Checklist of Items to be brought to School

Parents are to ensure that their wards bring only the following items to school at the beginning of the school year and the term. When a student reports to the school, a teacher will be available to receive and check their luggage. Any item that is not indicated on this list will be confiscated.

  1. Biros, Pencils, Ruler (30cm) and Maths set: Compasses, Set Square and Protractor, Scissors for cutting cardboard and paper.
  2. Bible – Revised Standard Version (for Christian Students)
  3. 1 Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (8th Edition or Higher)
  4. Rosary beads (for Catholic Students)
  5. Sunday and Weekday Missal
  6. The Psalter of the Divine Office (Pocket Companion) – Book of Psalms*
  7. The Catholic Hymn Book*
  8. 1 drinking cup/cold water flask
  9. 2 white bed sheets (8 Feet by 4 Feet – It is important that they fit)
  10. 1 covering cloth and 1 bedspread (House Colour)
  11. 1 light blanket
  12. 2 white pillow cases (with flap for tucking in)
  13. 12 cloth hangers
  14. 2 towels
  15. 1 electric iron with 3-pin plug (It must be 3-pin plug)
  16. Washing powder (1kg) for laundry and 8 bar soaps
  17. 2 dozens of clothing pegs
  18. Toiletries (perfume and aerosols or sprays are not allowed; students are provided tissues)
  19. 2 plastic buckets for laundry, and the colour must correspond with your house (Gonzaga: Green; Joseph: Yellow; Loyola: Blue; Teresa: Red) and 2 padlocks for classroom lockers and desks
  20. Boys uniform belt (black. 3cm wide) 2 belts*
  21. 1 pair of canvas shoes for games (not to be worn to school) or sneakers
  22. 6 pairs of white socks*
  23. 1 pair of bathroom slippers
  24. Black shoe polish (not liquid) and shoe brush
  25. 2 sets of occasional wear (one of which must be a traditional dress) to be kept in the box room for special occasions**
  26. 1 pair of football boots (all soccer players)
  27. 1 pair of spike shoes for jogging
  28. 1 pair of simple black leather shoe (for Socials & Sundays)
  29. 2 pairs of black leather sandals (strengthened by all sewing all-round the sole)***
  30. Underwear for boys: 8 singlets & 8 pants (Boys’ singlet must be white with a V-neck or U-neck). Underwear for girls: 8 chemise and 1 dozen of pants.
  31. 6 handkerchiefs
  32. 1 strong raincoat with strong loop (for hanging on a peg) or an umbrella
  33. 2 pairs of pyjamas or 2 night dresses
  34. Folders (to file past questions, answer sheets, etc.)
  35. Combs and 1 clippers and brush
  36. Simple and small earrings for girls (gold or silver. Stud and not coloured)
  37. Treated mosquito net (8 feet by 4 feet – it is important that they fit)
  38. House coat – Compulsory (to be worn when leaving the hostel)
  39. 1 mackintosh (for students with cases of bedwetting)*
  40. 5 tights for girls


*These items shall be provided by the school and the student’s school account billed for them. ONLY Basic Seven students will be provided with 6 pairs of white socks. All other students are to come to school with their own six pairs of socks.


**Students are allowed one social-wear outfit and one traditional wear. Any other dress (Trouser, Jeans, T-Shirts, etc.) will be confiscated. No jewelleries or high-heeled shoes are allowed. A special outfit for Cultural Day can only be used on Cultural Day celebrations.


***Samples of the school approved sandals will be on display on the school’s website.


Please note: The leftover food items from visiting days must be taken home by parents/guardians or trashed. These include: lollypop, chocolate, chewing gum, candy bars, biscuits, wafers and crackers, etc. Students found with leftovers will be severely punished!



The Dress Code

Jesuit Memorial College has five reasons for defining standard for students’ appearance:

  1. To encourage students to respect each other for who they are, not for the content of their closets.
  2. To discourage fashion competition among students.
  • To reduce distractions in the learning environment.
  1. To easily identify non-JMC students on campus during the school day.
  2. To allow for consistent application of the rules by staff and administration.


JMC’s dress code lists what a student may wear; it underscores the dignity and seriousness of purpose with which we regard our education. Students are expected to arrive in school each term wearing an approved school uniform.


Clothing must not be disruptive to the school environment. Students must be clean, neat and modest in appearance. Clothing is to be in good condition, not ragged, and without patches. Clothing cannot be see-through or tight nor can it mock the dress code. Students must wear clothing that does not expose cleavage. Students must come to class each day in clean and neat school uniform.


Medical alert and religious bracelets and appropriate watches are the only items allowed to be worn on the wrist while in uniform.


School Uniform

Students are required to wear complete school uniforms to class. The school uniforms consist of:

  1. Neat and clean school green trousers/skirts. Trousers/skirts must be worn around the natural waist.
  2. Skirt must be to the knee cap or longer.
  3. Clean and neat short sleeved school shirt/blouses, with full buttons and must be properly buttoned.
  4. Shirt and blouses must be tucked in (and the belt should be visible for male students).
  5. Every shirt/blouse must have the school badge.
  6. A school-issued name tag is placed on the school uniform.
  7. A black belt (with simple buckle).
  8. White dress socks.
  9. JMC approved black leather sandals.
  10. School green cardigan/sweater.
  11. A school crest for school prefects.


House Wear

  1. Male
  2. Neat and clean green trousers must be worn around the natural waist.
  3. Clean and neat house check short sleeved, with full button front, properly buttoned.
  4. Shirt must be tucked in and the belt should be visible for male students.
  5. JMC approved black leather sandals.
  6. A school-issued name tag is placed on the house wear.
  7. School green cardigan/sweater
  8. A school crest for school prefect.


  1. Female (Skirts and Dresses)
  2. Neat and clean one piece check dress.
  3. Dress must be to the knee cap or longer. Slits cannot be more than three inches above the knee.
  4. Dress must have sleeves; stomach and back must be covered; necklines shall not reveal cleavage.
  5. JMC approved black leather sandals.
  6. School green cardigan/sweater
  7. A school crest for school prefects.


Sunday Wear

  1. Male
  2. Neat and clean green trousers with JMC African top.
  3. JMC approved black leather cover shoes.
  4. A school crest for school prefects.


  1. Female
  2. Neat and clean one piece JMC African dress.
  3. JMC approved black leather cover shoes.
  4. A school crest for school prefects.


Dress-up Days

Days of All-School Liturgies and other occasions are designated dress-up days. These are school days where a more formal appearance is expected of students out of respect for the special purpose of the day.


Dress Code at School Events

Students should wear neat, clean, and modest clothing to school events. Students in inappropriate clothing are not admitted to venue of events. No stomach or back skin can show when the arms are raised to shoulder height. Students are not allowed to be shirtless while participating in school activities or at school events on or off campus.


General Sportswear

  1. JMC sportswear according to house colours.
  2. House sportswear (Including the Special Inter-House Sportswear marked with the college logo).
  3. Footwear: canvas shoes, football boots.
  4. Two pairs of long socks for sports in line with house colours.
  5. No boots or hats or other casual gear should be worn in the school. Extra social wear outfits, boots, sneakers, shoes with logo or brand names, slippers, face cap, hats, coloured t-shirts and jewelleries are forbidden and will be confiscated without warnings.


The Vice Principal for Student Life will be the ultimate judge in matters regarding dress.


Electronic Equipment

Cassettes and CD players, torch lights or reading lamps, digital cameras, iPods, organisers, Game Boy, PSP, scientific calculators with games and other electronic toys are absolutely forbidden and must not be brought to school. All senior secondary school students need a scientific (non-programmable) calculator. They must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Please note that any forbidden electronic equipment brought to school is liable to be seized and may result in disciplinary action taken against the offender. Such items are not returned to their owners.


Other Contraband Items

  1. Anything that is edible
  2. Pocket money (Naira, foreign currencies, etc.)
  3. Jewellery, bangles, hand bands, or items of fashion
  4. Perfumes
  5. Spray starch
  6. Belt with large or overly styled buckles
  7. Mobile phones, cameras, video games
  8. Comfort Fabric Conditioner
  9. Any unauthorized extra clothing (be it a social wear or JMC uniform)
  10. Any indecent of age-inappropriate book/literature
  11. Non-school sandals
  12. Any item that is not in the student check-list (unless authorised)
  13. Any top with spaghetti straps or any other mono-strap top
  14. Any top that exposes the armpit, with plunging/dropping V-neck
  15. Sleeveless top without wide straps
  16. Any skirt that is above knee level
  17. Clothing of a transparent nature
  18. Any other item of clothing that the principal considers indecent
  19. Any medication or food supplements (unless prescribed by a medical doctor and this must be surrendered to the school clinic or nurses on resumption day).


Confiscated contraband will not be returned to student nor to parents. Confiscated items will be recorded and given to the poor. All non-contraband items meant for the students (after resumption) must be sent through the principal’s office.


Eye Glasses

All students are expected to have their eye sights tested before entering the college. Parents should ensure that if their ward needs eye glasses, they either have unbreakable lenses or two pairs. In general, breakable lenses are dangerous and should be replaced with unbreakable ones as soon as possible. Tinted or photo-chronic lenses are not allowed. Strong frames are strongly recommended.



Students are expected to maintain short and neatly trimmed haircut at all times. No student shall keep a beard or moustache. The school day is very full and we have found that the girls have no time to plait their hair. Male students are expected to use “comb zero”, and female students are expected to use “comb one”. Students’ hair must never exceed the combs that are meant for them.


(Culled with some revisions from the JMC Students’ Handbook; June 2017)

Dear parents and guardians,
These are the samples of the approved JMC school sandals beginning from the 2017/2018 academic session. They are taken from You may want to visit to place your orders for the sandals.
With our highest esteem and God’s blessings. Thank you.”