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As the Joseph House Male Prefect of Jesuit Memorial College during the 2022/2023 academic, I saw my role as transcending the esteemed title; it was for me a call to serve, lead, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the school community. The unique responsibilities and experiences associated with this position did not only shape my understanding of leadership as it provided me a platform for personal growth and the cultivation of a strong sense of camaraderie among my peers.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Joseph House Male Prefect was fostering a sense of unity and belonging among the students within the House. Joseph House is not just a physical structure; it is a community with its own identity and spirit. As the Joseph House prefect, I strived to create an inclusive environment where every member feels valued and supported. This involved organizing House meetings, encouraging open communication, and collaborating with my peers to address any concerns or ideas they may have.

As the Joseph House Prefect, I was privileged to represent my House in various school activities and events. This included participating in Inter-House competitions, organizing House-based initiatives, and collaborating with other prefects to enhance the overall student experience. This platform not only allowed me to showcase the unique qualities of Joseph House but also reinforces the idea that each House plays an integral role in the collective success of our school.

Beyond the administrative aspects, my role involved being a source of support and inspiration for my fellow students. Whether it’s offering guidance during challenging times, celebrating achievements, or simply being a friendly face in the hallway, I strove to embody the Jesuit values of compassion, service, and leadership. Through these interactions, I contributed to the positive and nurturing atmosphere that defines Jesuit Memorial College.

In conclusion, being the Joseph House Male Prefect of Jesuit Memorial College in the 2022/2023 academic year was a privilege that came with immense responsibilities. It is a role that extended beyond enforcing rules and regulations; it was about building a community, fostering a sense of identity, and inspiring others to embrace leadership in their own capacities. This journey did not only allow me to contribute to the growth of my House and the college but it also afforded me the opportunity to hone my leadership skills thus served as an avenue through which the noble mission of the college of forming leaders is realized in me. To conclude, I dare say that being the Joseph House Male Prefect was a transformative and enriching experience whose impact will endure for year unending.















Chidera Nwachinamelu ONYEBU

Class of 2024

(Joseph House Prefect, Male 2023/2024 Academic Session)

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