Our Mission

An Overview of Our Mission

Jesuit Memorial College (JMC) is a Catholic and Jesuit school. Our goal is to inspire young men and women to reflect, to question, to learn, to pray, to love, to serve, to lead. Since 2013, we have based our challenging curriculum and pursuit of human and academic excellence on the foundation of the Catholic faith and principles. We seek to be one community created from a broad spectrum of ethnic, racial, geographical, and socio-economic backgrounds. We have a great respect for the traditions of other religious communities and encourage our students to develop a personal relationship with God. The motive is simple: to teach our students to audaciously practise their Catholic Christian faith, while also, respecting other faiths. We aim to foster tolerance for diverse religious beliefs and views.
We strive to provide the best education possible and train leaders who will be influential in the future. By doing so, we try to include qualified students of limited financial resources by providing substantial financial assistance. Our facility and staff dedicate themselves to a caring and dynamic interaction with students both inside and outside the classroom, a characteristic of Jesuit education for over 450 years.

Identity of Jesuit Memorial College

 662Jesuit Memorial College (JMC), aptly articulated in the metaphor of the phoenix, the symbol of the school and expressed in its motto, “Hope Reborn,” is a full boarding co-educational school, rising out of the ashes of the tragic Sosoliso plane crash of 10th December 2005.