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Parents are to ensure that their wards bring only the following items to school at the beginning of the school year and the term. When a student reports to the school, a teacher will be available to receive and check their luggage. Any item that is not indicated on this list will be confiscated.

  1. Biros, Pencils, Ruler (30cm) and Maths set: Compasses, Set Square and Protractor, Scissors for cutting cardboard and paper.
  2. Bible – Revised Standard Version(for Christian students)
  3. 1 Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (8th Edition)
  4. Rosary Beads (for Catholic students)
  5. Sunday and Weekly Missal (for Catholic students)
  6. The Psalter of the Divine Office (Pocket Companion) – (for Catholic students)
  7. 1 Drinking Cup/Cold Water Flask
  8. 1 Covering Cloth
  9. 1 Light Blanket
  10. 12 Cloth Hangers
  11. 2 Towels
  12. Letter Writing Materials
  13. 1 Electric Iron with 3-pin plug (It must be 3-pin plug)
  14. Washing Powder (1kg) for Laundry and 8 Bar Soaps
  15. 2 Dozens of Clothing Pegs 24
  16. Toiletries (perfume and aerosols or sprays are not allowed; students are provided tissues)
  17. 2 Plastic Buckets for Laundry, and the colour must correspond with your House (Gonzaga: Green; Joseph: Yellow; Loyola: Blue; Teresa: Red) and 1 Padlock for Dormitory Locker
  18. Boys Uniform Belt (black. 3cm wide) 2 Belts
  19. 1 Pair of Canvas Shoes for Games (not to be worn to school)
  20. 5 Pairs of White Socks (without logo/design)
  21. 1 Pair of Bathroom Slippers
  22. Black Shoe Polish(not liquid) and Brush
  23. 2 Sets of Occasional Wear (1 of which must be traditional dress) to be kept in the box room for special occasions.
  24. 1 Pair of Football Boots (all soccer players)
  25. 1 Pair of Spike Shoes and Snickers for jogging
  26. 1 Pair of Simple Black Leather Shoe (for Socials & Sundays)
  27. 2 Pair of Black Leather Sandals
  28. Underwear for Boys: 8 Singlet& 8 Pants (Boys Singlet must be white with a V-neck or U-neck). Underwear for Girls: 8 Chemise and 1 dozen of Pants.
  29. 6 Handkerchiefs
  30. 1 Strong Raincoat with Strong Loop (for hanging on a peg) or an Umbrella
  31. 2 Pairs of Pyjamas or 2 Night Dresses
  32. Folders (to file past questions, answer sheets, etc)
  33. Combs and 1 Clippers and Brush
  34. Simple Earrings for girls (gold or silver. Not stud and multi-coloured)
  35. Treated Mosquito Net (8 feet by 4 feet – it is important that they fit) with flexible frames if possible
  36. House Coat – Compulsory

Please note: Students are allowed 1 social-wear outfit and 1 traditional wear. Any other dress (Trouser, Jeans, T-Shirts, etc.) will be confiscated. No jewelleries or high-heeled shoes are allowed. A special outfit for Cultural Day can only be used on Cultural Day celebrations. The leftover food items from visiting days must be taken home by parents/guardians or trashed. These include: lollipop, chocolate, chewing gum, candy bars, biscuits, wafers and crackers, etc. Students found with leftovers will be severely punished!

Dear parents and guardians,
These are the samples of the approved JMC school sandals beginning from the 2017/2018 academic session. They are taken from You may want to visit to place your orders for the sandals.
With our highest esteem and God’s blessings. Thank you.”