Boarding House


There are four houses in Jesuit Memorial College, namely, Loyola, Joseph, Teresa and Gonzaga. They are named after Saint Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, Saint Joseph the Husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, Saint Teresa of Avila and Aloysius Gonzaga, respectively. Each student in the school belongs to a house.

The house system is a means of engendering and fostering a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and responsibility among the students by organising and encouraging competition between the houses on a group basis other than age and ability. The house system is structurally unique in that it is organised vertically rather than horizontally under the supervision of dormitory parents. The system provides students with a more general ability and opportunity to make a contribution to school life and be acknowledged and celebrated for doing so.

Each student is allocated to one of the four houses – ideally the same house as his/her previous sibling – but otherwise on a “fair random basis,” so that the numbers and abilities in each of the Houses are ostensibly the same.



At the heart of the boarding community at JMC, lie the values and ideals of the Jesuit educational mission. Boarders are encouraged to grow in virtue and to develop the spiritual life necessary for them to become more mature, caring and responsible Christian adults. Through living in our boarding community, we aim to instill in all students characteristics such as compassion, an ability to see God in all things, forgiveness, a desire to care for the less able and to treat each person equally. Our unique boarding house system provides an outstanding quality of pastoral care, where students bond as members of a house and remain together as they move from Playroom to Playroom every year.

The boys board in mixed year groups (10 and 11 years) just as the girls do in their separate houses. The strength of their friendship is palpable as their support for and understanding of one another. As a group, they learn to respect one another’s differences, face challenges together and delight in one another’s success. As individuals, they give their very best in all that they do, to the greater glory of God. They have the support to grow in personal and academic confidence, to step beyond their comfort zone without fear, and to contribute to the community both within and beyond JMC itself. JMC students come to appreciate the creative tension between independence and interdependence and they do so with openness, generosity of spirit and enthusiasm.

Boarding at JMC develops a firm sense of community amongst all the students and helps to develop friendships that will be sustained and be sustaining in life beyond the college. We believe that the boarding system provides the bedrock upon which supported independence and youthful fellowship can be built. Students learn to treat each other and all members of the community with kindness, sensitivity and respect. The opportunity to live and work alongside people from varied backgrounds and ethnic groups is a genuine privilege. Students work with teachers, other members of the adult community and with other students in ways that go beyond the formulaic relationship imposed by the classroom or laboratory. It is a caring, supportive and prayerful community with Jesus at the centre. The boarding houses are staffed by a team of adults who work tirelessly and generously to sustain and uphold the health and happiness of young people entrusted to their care. The residential team is sensitive to the fact that personal habits and character traits established in adolescence can determine one’s character as an adult. We seek partnership with parents, based upon ethos, which enhances the well being and prospects of JMC students. It is the students themselves who define the character of their house, encouraged and guided by their dormitory parent. The working week at JMC is full and weekends offer a rich programme of structured activities, social occasions and other recreational opportunities.